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Funeral Arrangements Ottawa for Graveside Ceremonies

While many traditions come and go with the passage of time, funerals remain a time-honoured tradition in today’s society. They provide a chance for those left behind to say their final goodbyes, while celebrating the life of someone they loved dearly and beginning the necessary process of grieving, comforting one another and healing afterward. If you’re in the process of planning a funeral in Ottawa, Notre-Dame Cemetery can help you coordinate all of the necessary funeral arrangements. Offering much-needed support to grieving families, we can provide a priest and musicians for graveside ceremonies, as well as a catering service for the reception after.

Personalized Planning for Funerals in Ottawa

When it comes to planning a funeral in Ottawa, there is no one style suits all. Just as every life is unique, so too are the homages planned to celebrate and remember those lives. Not all funerals and visitation services are somber occasions. While some families may seek solace in a more traditionally structured funeral, today’s funeral services allow you countless ways to be creative and personalize them to reflect your loved one’s life. You can customize the music played during the visitation and ceremony, set up mementos for the guests to take home with them or even serve a menu with your family’s or loved one’s favourite foods in mind. You can share special memories during the services or uniquely pay tribute to the deceased person’s passions, whatever they may have been. Whatever type of funeral you have in mind, we’re confident that our staff can help you make it happen.

Call Us Today to Set up an Appointment

At Notre-Dame Cemetery, we’re here to provide guidance and counselling in just about any capacity that you need us. Whether you’re planning ahead for your own funeral or are left picking up the pieces after the sudden death of a friend or family member, our counsellors are here to help. We’d be more than happy to help you plan ahead for your own funeral if there’s something specific you have in mind. While that idea may seem macabre to some, it actually helps to relieve some of the emotional and/or financial burdens placed on your loved ones during their difficult time of mourning. Call us today to book an Ottawa funeral appointment and obtain peace of mind that your funeral service will tell your story in the manner that best reflects how you lived your life.

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